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What is the size of a standard shipping pallet?

Standard Shipping Pallet Sizes

As a leading supplier of plastic pallets, we at Gorilla Pallets understand the importance of adhering to industry-standard pallet sizes, especially for shipping and export purposes. The three most common standard sizes for one-way/shipping/export pallets are:  
  • 48 x 40 inches (US standard)
  • 48 x 32 inches (EU standard)
  • 44 x 44 inches (Asia standard)
  These standardized dimensions ensure compatibility with various material handling equipment and transportation systems, facilitating efficient logistics operations globally.

Gorilla Pallets’ Standard Pallet Offerings

At Gorilla Pallets, we stock and supply all three of these global standard one-way/shipping/export pallet sizes:

48 x 40-inch Plastic Pallet

Our 48×40-inch plastic pallet is the industry standard in the United States and North America. This durable and lightweight pallet is ideal for domestic and international shipping.

48 x 32-inch Plastic Euro Pallet

The 48×32 inch Euro pallet size is the standard across Europe and many other regions. Gorilla Pallets’ Euro plastic pallets meet this specification for seamless integration into European supply chains.

44 x 44 inch Plastic Asian Pallet

We offer the 44×44 inch Asian-standard plastic pallet size for customers with operations in Asia. This allows efficient material handling with equipment calibrated to this regional pallet dimension. Standard pallet sizes offer advantages like compatibility with material handling equipment, optimized storage and transportation, and global trade facilitation. By stocking these three standard sizes, we ensure our customers can access suitable pallets for shipping and export needs.

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