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Gorilla Pallets vs. IFCO’s Dora Pallet: Why Choose Gorilla Pallets

1. Variety and Specialization:

Gorilla Pallets offers a vast selection of over 200 different types and sizes of plastic pallets, catering to a wide range of industries and applications. This includes high-quality, injection-molded platforms using virgin grade HDPE and PP resins, making them ideal for food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or clean room applications. In contrast, IFCO’s Dora pallet, while innovative, is primarily designed for fresh grocery supply chain operations, limiting its versatility compared to the extensive range offered by Gorilla Pallets.


2. Durability and Load Capacity:

Gorilla Pallets are designed for heavy-duty applications, with some models capable of handling static loads up to 9921 lbs and dynamic loads up to 3307 lbs. This robustness ensures they can service most industries requiring heavier duty applications. On the other hand, IFCO’s Dora pallet is reinforced for dynamic loads up to 1250kg, which may not be sufficient for more demanding industrial applications.


3. Hygienic and Sustainable Solutions:

Both Gorilla Pallets and IFCO’s Dora pallet emphasize hygiene and sustainability. Gorilla Pallets are made from high-quality materials that are perfect for sterile environments, resistant to moisture, fungus, and mold. Similarly, Dora is made from high-density polyethylene, making it moisture-resistant and washable. However, Gorilla Pallets’ broader range of products may offer more tailored solutions for specific hygienic requirements in various industries.


4. Cost-Effectiveness and Efficiency:

Gorilla Pallets provides a balance between cost and efficiency, offering pallets that are up to 40% lighter than wood and can fit up to 90 pallets in an 8-foot stack. While IFCO’s Dora pallet is over 25% lighter than conventional wood pallets, reducing transportation costs, Gorilla Pallets’ extensive selection allows for more cost-effective choices tailored to specific needs.


5. Customer Service and Customization:

Gorilla Pallets prides itself on reliable customer service and the ability to offer the largest selection of plastic pallets in the country. This customer-centric approach, combined with the possibility of customization (including color choices and logo silk-screening), provides a significant advantage over IFCO’s offering, where the focus is more on the pooling system and standardization.


While IFCO’s Dora pallet is a commendable product for the fresh grocery supply chain, Gorilla Pallets’ extensive range, superior load capacity, tailored solutions for various industries, and commitment to customer service make it a more versatile and suitable choice for a broader range of applications.

Gorilla Pallets vs. IFCOs Dora Pallet

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