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Your source for the largest selection of plastic pallets on the west coast. Specializing in PLASTIC EXPORT PALLETS

If gorilla pallets does not have a pallet suitable for your application we will
gladly direct you to another resource from our vast database.

Pallet Types

With over 200 different types and sizes in our database, we offer the largest selection of plastic pallets in the country.

We specialize in high quality, injection molded platforms and utilize virgin grade HDPE and PP resins in 90% of our products.

This makes them a perfect fit for the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, or any clean room applications.

Our new super-heavy duty series (HD) pallets and specialty pallets can service most industries that require heavier duty applications.

We also offer and stock the 3 global standard sizes of one-way/shipping/export pallets, including 48 x 40 (US standard), 48 x 32 (EU standard), 44 x 44 (Asia standard)
(Minimum quantities apply)